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Welcome to the website of the International Consortium for Cell Therapy and Immunotherapy (ICCTI) that brings together the idea of connecting the latest research knowledge in the field of cell technologies with the clinical practice. The members of the ICCTI consortium are internationally recognized scientists, physicians and bioengineers from 4 continents working at academic institutions or biotech companies.

Main goals of ICCTI consortium are the following:

  1. exchange of knowledge and new experience in the field of cell therapy and immunotherapy;
  2. worldwide propagation of the cell therapy and immunotherapy as a new pillar of medical care and treatment;
  3. therapy of patients using the cutting edge knowledge in the field of cell therapy and immunotherapy.

I am very pleased that we can contribute to the propagation of cell therapy worldwide offering novel, effective and safe treatment options for many diseases to our patients using their own cells.

I am looking forward for successful collaboration.

Jaroslav Michálek, MD., PhD.
President of ICCTI

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